Gaining Resilience (for Event Organisers)

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Samantha Stimpson B.Ed MA (she/her), is a multi-award winning consultant, Clore Fellow and the founder and managing director of SLS 360, an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion consultancy firm who support, challenge and empower individuals and organisations, to be bold and brave in their work to eliminate injustice and discrimination and affect positive change.

Samantha and her team of associates, support organisations to understand how they can develop strategies to attract and retain a diverse, equitable and inclusive workforce, embed diversity and inclusion in their work and foster an environment free from
discrimination where all voices are heard, respected and celebrated.

A trustee for Music for Youth, Samantha is also a Violin & Viola player with a mission to ensure greater representation of musicians across all genres but especially classical music, so children and young people of colour don’t experience being ‘othered’ as the only one or one of few.

Her research on the importance of representation and her work with over 150 organisations in the UK and worldwide, has highlighted the importance of recruitment and retention which focusses on valuing diversity and not just optics. A focus that goes beyond the ‘business case’ for diversity and has a foundation built on trust and respect within an inclusive culture where everyone can thrive.

Samantha is a passionate advocate of EDI and is on a mission to ensure as many individuals and organisations as possible, are empowered to take action to disrupt the status quo and embed the principles of EDI in all the work they do.