Life Lessons from a Podcaster

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Jason Allan Scott is an entrepreneur, event planner, investor, technologist, global citizen, and builder of people-first companies, who has built a 7-figure business with no staff and no business to be doing it. 

He has also sold several businesses on three continents without spending a penny on marketing or advertising. 

 With over ten years of experience in the world of tech industry spanning Proptech, Medtech, and CreatorTech, Jason has a broad understanding of multiple verticals, but it is with podcasting that he has made all these verticals work. 

He has raised 2.1 million USD for a fintech through his podcast and is the only person to ever sell two podcast channels, find 36 ways to monetize a podcast, 21 ways to promote a podcast, and produce over 100 business shows since 2015 while helping others use podcasts for their business.

He has helped his clients start, scale, and profit from podcasting, with clients making 6 and 7 figures from their podcasts for their businesses.

He is also the only person to be invited to Number 10 Downing Street for their podcast success, for small businesses. 

He now travels the world working only with who he wants when he wants- if you are wondering how he does this and has had so much success? 

Find out in this talk, also in this talk by Jason Allan Scott : 

He will cover the most important lesson he has learned ( and witnessed) over the last 2 decades – interviewing some of the most happy and successful people in the world on his shows. 

What is the secret to wealth and perhaps of  more important significance; how do you achieve freedom to love life and live well.