A Positivity Workshop, Leaving CHS Birmingham with the right Mindset

15:30 - 16:00, MAIN STAGE View Programme
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We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce Nick Elston to our stage. With his distinctive cap and beard, Nick is instantly memorable, yet it’s his distinctive, genuine approach to speaking that truly leaves a lasting impression. Recognised globally as a trailblazer in Keynote, Inspirational, and Motivational Speaking, Nick has an innate ability to intertwine his personal stories with broader event themes, ensuring every word resonates deeply with his audience.

One captivated attendee once exclaimed, “Nick is simply the best speaker I have ever experienced!” This accolade isn’t surprising when you witness his blend of authenticity, relatability, and warmth, delivering messages that both move and motivate. From vast arenas to intimate boardroom gatherings, Nick’s impact is consistently powerful and transformative.

At our event, Nick will be taking the essence of what we discuss, the heart of CHS Birmingham, and delivering a summary imbued with his unique insights and infectious energy. This is not just a recap; it’s a reimagining. Expect to see familiar topics through a fresh, invigorating lens. This synthesis of themes, delivered with Nick’s signature flair, promises an ending note that will elevate the entire CHS Birmingham experience.