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 Simon is currently the immediate past chair of UKEvents having served as Chair during the pandemic. He has been involved with the partnership for over 12 years. He also served as an independent member of the Event Industry Board and a founding director of the Events Apprenticeship Programme Board. 

He helped found One Industry One Voice in response to the urgent need to bring the whole of the UK event industry together to tackle the challenges of Covid 19. With the launch of The Power of Events he hopes to build on the co-operation and collaboration that supported the UK events industry during the pandemic with a digital platform that showcases the power of events across the 4 Nations of the UK. 

His most high profile role in the UK event industry was the 10 years he spent as Director of Live Events for the COI, the UK governments marketing communications agency. His team designed and delivered a huge range of events, managed the approved supplier framework and worked with a broad range of creative agencies and suppliers on complex and challenging integrated communication campaigns.