Call for Speakers

CHS Leeds continues to support event organisers to grow, prosper, and be well, as we return to the Royal Armouries on 23rd April 24. 

The Growth Series continues to develop through our educational programme as we look to support our visitors both personally and professionally. The theme this year is Love Life Live Well, and its about bringing the theme into the way we deliver our education this year. 

Feedback from last year also asked us to support a ‘back to basics’ message where we return to the first principles of organising an event in 2024. 

If you can help us help our visitors, we want to hear from you. Our aim is to create a series of sessions, in fast ‘top tip’ and ‘practical guide’ format, so that we evolve a live document that captures every tip and every word of advice from the day, all of which will be sent to everyone at the end of the day. 

That way we’re being helpful, immediate, and we can give the people that miss the odd session the chance to swot up and take the best learnings form the day. 

If you are interested in helping us, please feel free to contact Al Turner who is curating the content this year: [email protected].