Education Programme

Just how difficult is it being an event organiser in 2024? We’ve been juggling themes from sustainability to inclusion, from hybrid events to accessibility, for the last few years, now we’re looking at the advent in AI and all the opportunities and threats that will bring to us. 

The theme of this year’s show is ‘Live Well’ and once again we are all about personal and professional growth and we’re going to be talking about reinvention and resilience, AI and accessibility, economics and ecology, growth and success. This is CHS at our most positive, and our most ambitious. 

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Panel Session

Event Organising 101: Hear it from the Experts

10:00 – 10:45, Main Stage

Neil Thompson, as well as running the outstanding Delegate Wranglers community, has over 20 years experience organising events. Here, Neil speaks to Louisa O’Connor, Managing Director of Seen Presents, one of the most exciting event and experience agencies in the country, representing some of the biggest brands in the world, and Justine Bruce from QHotels, about how they go from a blank piece of paper to some of the most powerful events around. Featuring real life tips and advice, honest working styles and creative flair, this is the perfect way to open our series on event organising for event organisers.


Gaining Resilience (for Event Organisers)

11:00 – 11:30, Main Stage

One of the key skills and event organiser, and event team, needs is resilience. In this session Sam Stimpson, Managing Director of sls360 talks about how you can become more resilient, as well as positively affect those around you. This is part two of the ‘How to Organise an Event’ series, and it’s about getting mindset ready for the challenge.


AI, Tech and Organising Modern Events

11:45 – 12:15, Main Stage

From simple delegate management systems to AI fuelled efficiency saving systems. This session is all about the technology that can support your event. How can you use it for good, how much does it cost, is it worth it. How safe is AI, how can it be used to benefit the organiser, their team, but also the delegate. Felicia Asiedu is one of the most exciting leaders working in tech at the moment, and will be our guide around the complex world of event tech.

Panel Session

The Building Blocks of Creating a Sustainable Event

14:00 – 14:30, Main Stage

How can we make our events more sustainable from the offset. What are the things we can do early, in planning to make sure our event starts green and gets greener! How can we then evolve these ideas to create a modern, ESG aware event that is good for the event, its people, its guests and the environment. Celia Gaze from the Wellbeing Farm discusses these ideas, and many more with Jo Austin, from our venue hosts here at Royal Armouries.


Business events: unleash the emotive power!

14:45 – 15:15, Main Stage

Business events are an incredible work tool to inspire an audience to network, celebrate, be motivated and ultimately educate to ensure effective communications and business growth – really they are the most potent channel for business leaders, HR, sales and communications teams to project business messages in the very best way.  As a budget investment, events are certainly worth the bang for the buck – but to really affect the most worth – then it’s all about the delegate experience, before, during and after every event.


Accessibility in 2024: Catch up or face the Consequences…

15:30 – 16:00, Main Stage

Accessibility is so important in modern day event organisers and many events are getting left behind. It is no longer about physical access, organisers need to ensure their events are welcoming to every kind of disability, and that environment and content is empathetic to their needs. Here Orla Pearson from MyClearText Ltd and Accessloop speaks about the importance of recognising delegates with disabilities and offers practical advice on how to ensure they have the very best experience