This year, we’re thrilled to highlight our creative partnership with Eventologists, a company that has redefined event management through their innovative and bespoke event services.

Eventologists stand out for their creative touch and expertise in the event planning industry, especially with their focus on making events inclusive and accessible for everyone which is key for 2024. They’re keen on incorporating hot trends like retro themes and underwater adventures into their events, offering unique experiences that cater to a wide range of interests and needs.

CHS Leeds is a space for professionals to discover trends, form partnerships and solve challenges in the events industry.

In the past year, Eventologists have effectively addressed evolving challenges in the event planning industry. With a keen eye on the changing dynamics of venue space and amenities, they’ve innovatively used the available areas and technology to ensure every event feels both welcoming and well-equipped.

They’ve also enhanced event accessibility by incorporating strong visual aids and clear signage, making it easier for all attendees to navigate and enjoy the events. This focus on accessibility highlights their commitment to inclusivity and the importance of providing a comfortable experience for everyone.

Additionally, Eventologists have introduced break-out zones at their events, offering quiet spaces for guests who may seek a moment away from the main activities. This thoughtful approach not only caters to diverse attendee needs but also reflects a broader industry trend towards creating more inclusive and adaptable event environments.

CHS Leeds with Eventologists offers a day packed with inspiration and networking, a key event for anyone in the events industry.