Hearing the words  “And the winner is…” followed by their name should be on everyone’s bucket list. Winning an award is exhilarating.

The build up is electric; the trepidation of knowing that you are nominated but who are the other contenders? Feeling the nervousness build on the night, thinking that you will never win, but watching to see how people approach the stage ‘just in case’, the need to have a drink for Dutch courage, but not wanting to have one too many to cause a fumble and trip. And then, at last – the ecstatic rush of adrenalin as your name is announced and you have to pick your way through the crowd, grinning insanely, to pick up your precious and well deserved award.

Sadly, the vast majority of us will never win an Oscar, will never get to wear ‘that frock’ or perform a teary Gwynie style acceptance speech. But business awards offer the chance to shine and be rewarded just the same. Knowing that you, your team, your company is the best it can be is immensely rewarding and is very good for business too.

Winning an award that is judged by your peers and the people you look up to gives you an enormous sense of pride. It’s a very public declaration that you are the best, that you have outshone your competitors and that you are worthy of accolade.

Think of the judging process; even if you don’t win, your entry is still viewed and considered by industry professionals, the very stalwarts that you have looked up to and admired throughout your career. You are being noticed and discussed through the course of judging and who knows where that may lead in the future.

Your business will benefit greatly:  You and your company can flaunt the award for a whole year – using it in your PR, marketing and social media. You can revel in the glory of telling your clients that you are the best in the industry because your industry says so.


Now in its third year, the CHS Awards provide hotels and venues with a fantastic opportunity to showcase their facilities.  Our Awards are designed to be accessible for all types of hotels and venues, allowing even the smallest independent venue to be recognised for an aspect, service or feature of their property or service. The Awards are judged by an independent panel of over 70 event professionals from leading agencies throughout the UK, with Conference New’s very own Richard John leading the judging panel.

Awards give you guaranteed exposure to a receptive audience of esteemed judges and an industry seal of approval for a job well done. So why not enter? Go on, you deserve it.

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