Merlinsoft Ltd

Supplying Market Leading, Booking, Ticketing and Admission Solutions for Visitor Attractions, Venues

Supplying Award Winning, Fully Integrated, Market Leading, Admission, Ticketing and Retail Solutions for any type of Visitor Attraction, Venue or Event.

Do you offer box office and on-line ticketing options? Merlin® covers all admissions requirements including group bookings, educational visits, tours, special occasions, members only, restricted quantities, etc, etc.

Do you run events? Merlin® caters for events of any type and size from birthday parties to festivals, whether in-house or even in a field, with the optional Merlin® ‘Mobile’ applications module.

Do you run seminars or conferences? Merlin® manages all bookings and reservations, including ‘attendee details’ and includes delegate badge printing on arrival or booking in.

Do you need to book seats and/or tables? Merlin has a full ‘seated arenas’ module which allows for the sale of seats in any configuration, covering anything from a table in a restaurant to a sports stadium.

Do you hire rooms or other resources? Merlin® manages any type of resource from simple room hire to any other type of resource, including the ability to add items to the booking i.e. projector, screen, tour guide, food & drink, etc.

Do you sell memberships? Merlin® controls any type of membership, including the printing of membership cards, reminders, renewals, welcome letters, etc.

Do you have retail outlets? – Merlin® provides full retail management facilities for any type of retail operation covering shop, café, bar and restaurant. With table ordering and kitchen printing to multiple kitchen printers, Merlin® is the complete answer to all your on-site retail requirements.

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