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When you are using corporate slides, templates, or the slides that your boss gave you, you are, in effect hiding behind those slides. Perhaps you don’t have confidence in your speaking, or you’re thinking “if I can just use the slides I somehow don’t have to show my personality”.


Great speakers are authentic and allow their personality to come out in their talks. People want to connect with people, it’s what presentations are all about – person to person. It’s never primarily about a spreadsheet – that stuff comes later with handouts. First we have to pitch, and get our idea across – an idea for your business or an idea that will change the world. Don’t hide behind your slides.
Great speakers are comfortable in their own skin. They are people who just say look this is me, this is who I am, this is what I do, this is the company I work for, this is the charity that I run, this is me. That’s what I have done most of my life, it’s kind of scary at times but there is no way round it, we have to be ourselves. Don’t hide behind your suit, or hide behind your slides, let the authentic you really shine out and I guarantee you will get better feedback. You will make more of a difference and if you are in business I am pretty sure you will make more profit too.
I stand at the front and say “Hello my name is Lee Jackson. I am a motivational speaker and what you see is what you get.” I aim to be the same person on stage as I will be at the coffee break, except slightly more interesting on stage with some funnier stories and different content! It’s that idea that you can be the same person on and off stage that people respect and that is what makes a difference.
Most of my great feedback is from people saying “oh you were just you, you were normal, you were authentic, you seemed approachable”. These are things that I have worked on and developed my character about, because why would I want to be anyone else? That’s the reality. Don’t play hide and seek, learn to become you, the authentic you. That makes all the difference.

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