Across the 40 years that the Birmingham and West Midlands Convention Bureau has been operating, we have learnt many great things about organising, hosting and welcoming events. But the most important thing that we have learnt, and something which has long been at the core of everything that we do and how we operate is the power of partnership.  The Convention Bureau exists to work with others, and so partnership is at the centre of everything that we do.

No event can be delivered without support and collaboration. Understanding just how much more can be achieved when you work in partnership to bring a range of skills, expertise and assets is something that has long been a mantra for the Bureau.

And this is the reason why the Birmingham and West Midlands Convention Bureau also became a Strategic Brand Partner for the CHS Birmingham show.  Seeing the success that the show had achieved with its Leeds event, we knew that if we could offer our local knowledge and experience to the expertise of the CHS Events team, we could create something really successful for the West Midlands and the wider events industry.

As a Convention Bureau, we work in partnership with every event organiser that we work with. It is for us to identify how we can help and support organisers to create incredible and memorable experiences and events. We also work in partnership with local event suppliers to ensure that from a regional perspective, we are supporting those events industry businesses. We also work in partnership with our Conference Ambassador Network. There is a great force behind the partnership with conference ambassadors and the Bureau relaunched its Conference Ambassador Network earlier in 2022 to bring together businesses and academia, creating new partnerships that will attract even more events to the region in the future.

Birmingham and the West Midlands welcomes a greater proportion of business visits than anywhere else in the UK* and the ability to work in partnership is vital to the continuation of this events success for the region.  The Birmingham and West Midlands Convention Bureau looks forward to working in partnership with even more events and organisers in the future.

*STEAM/Global Tourism Solutions

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