If you are looking for advice on how to rise to the top of the events industry, our guide on how to be a Rock Star event organiser in five easy steps, from Liz Taylor, managing director of the UK and European event planners the Taylor Lynn Corporation (TLC), is all the help that you need:

  • A rock star event organiser is always one step ahead of the competition, clients and the market place. You have to create the trends, the look and the feel of events, and the desire for specific types of food and drinks has to be led by the rock star event organiser. There’s no room for ‘followers’, only leaders.
  • It’s also important to work with the latest technology and use it to make your events stand out. We all know that Facebook Live is THE social media tool of 2017 – are you using it at any of your events? Do you understand it? We used it at a number of events last year with great success and will be this year however we also looking ahead to 2018/2019 and what’s coming up in technology and to push the boundaries of what we can do. We have incorporated cutting edge technology since we started and the results have paid dividends. Whether it’s an event for a huge blue chip corporate client, a wedding or a company way day utilising the latest technology is key and will pay dividends.
  •  One of the most important tips on our list of ‘how to be a Rock    Star event organiser in five easy steps’, is all about pushing back the boundaries of what can be achieved. The phrase ‘it can’t be done’ doesn’t register with me. To be a Rock Star event organiser you push and push, and then push some more to ensure that your concepts and ideas become a reality. To help with this you have to use the highest quality suppliers, and I have worked with the same caterers, florists and sound engineers for years because I know that whatever concept I want they will deliver. Simple as that.
  • Be unique and individual, no two events should ever be the same.   To be a rock star event planner each event should have its own identity. Clients want to feel that they are your only client, so treat them that way and give them an event that is truly bespoke to them.
  • Finally there always has to be a wow moment at any event. Whether that comes from the entertainment, food, lighting, decoration or flowers, there always has to a special moment. What will be the talking point of the event?   Well it’s up to you to decide, and give your client their wow moment!

If you enjoyed reading about how to be a Rock Star event organiser in five easy steps, then why not look at Liz Taylor’s spectacular ‘rock star’ events at www.tlc -ltd.co.uk, twitter @Taylorlynncorp and on Facebook.

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