Do you sometimes feel like you have been running fast to stand still? Fail to find the time to focus on important tasks, people and things? Is your business not making the sales you want and need?

You are not alone and, with the tumultuous events in the world, both globally and nationally, I do not see this changing any time soon.

Yet, despite this, some people are producing results like never before; some businesses are growing as if they are on steroids.

What do they know that we do not?

For the last 20 years, I have been fascinated by what makes the difference; what allows one person to fly when another flounders; what enables one company to go stratospheric whilst another fails to launch. From these studies, I have developed the #IAM10 strategies for success in business and in life.

If you want to achieve more at work, sort out your fitness and health, spend time with your loved ones, then you need #IAM10.

“So, what is #IAM10, Gavin?”

#IAM10 is about being the best you can be. It is about having the mental toughness to know what you want, to focus on what is important, and to stick to it, irrespective of the distractions that life inevitably throws at us.

I am looking forward to sharing more with you at The Conference & Hospitality Show 2019 but, to whet your appetite, here are 4 powerful strategies that have changed my life and that can change your habits and your life too:-

  1. Create your perfect life.
    Know what you want. Know where you are going (5 year vision). Know what drives you. What will your business, your relationships, your health/fitness look like? Without this map, you stop your brain doing the amazing work that you know that it was created for.

    Create a vision board. Keep a diary. Write a log book. Meditate on it. The first step to achieving world-class results is knowing what they are.

  2. Create your blueprint.
    Work out what you need to do to achieve this success. Know what your priorities are. Most people have lists, to-dos, zillions of actions but these are not the same as priorities. Knowing what you need to do to achieve uncommon success, knowing what you need to do to walk in rarefied air…

    This is worth spending time on.

  3. Do your #IAM10 power morning routine.
    Take control of your day, your year and your life in the first 15 minutes of the day. In my leadership programmes, I teach a powerful process that helps people to achieve their goals and change their legacy but here is a simple version that is devastatingly effective…

    Clear some mental space, breathe, visualise yourself having achieved what you want to achieve in 5 years time and then ask yourself, “How can I be a ’10’ today?” Visualise yourself taking action on your core priorities that day. Breathe. Say something powerful to yourself. Get on with your day.

  4. Take time out.
    Take time “off off”. Walk in nature. Meditate. Cycle. Jog. Swim. Walk the dog. Take time by yourself. Time switched off. Give yourself time to reset, refresh, get creative. Give yourself time to think how you truly add value to those around you.

Success is simple. Most people know how to succeed. The problem is that only a few take the action required to get the results they want. Dreaming is not an option. Take action.

See you on the 30th April!

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