I am seeing a shift in the way that event content needs to appeal to the individual and their own needs, rather than the needs of the company they work for. Before committing to attend an event, more and more people are asking ‘what’s in it for me?’

They do know that they ‘should’ visit business events to find new suppliers and contacts, but they don’t always find the time to do it as it’s not a priority. But, if there is something in it for them – such as an inspirational speaker who they identify with and aspire to, and who can advise them on their next career step – then they are more likely to find that gap in their diary.

I think this is indicative of the job market we are now in. The ‘job for life’ is gone and so is the mentality it creates. People are keen to better themselves, and progress to the next step – which usually means switching companies more often. Social media has helped people become more proactive and actively seek out ways in which they can improve their prospects and take charge of their own careers. Event content that can help individuals do this is therefore very appealing.

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