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The problem with being in a support role, is that all too often the focus is on the person you support, rather than on you. 

EAs and PAs dedicate their time to making their boss’s life easier- from the smooth running of their business life, (such as diaries, travel, expenses, admin, handling clients, line managing staff) and often including the facilitating of a more effective personal life (from family plans, to personal orders, money management, and social lives).  Very rarely do EA’s/PA’s have anyone in the background doing all of that for them, yet we manage to run several lives, often at the detriment of our own. In a high pressure environment, and often with a difficult boss,  we are expected to be diplomatic, considerate, discreet, forward planners, and essentially walking, talking, multitasking, telepathic jugglers.

Your boss probably has a career plan, and you are probably helping them achieve it. If you are not doing the same for yourself, then you should be. It can be very hard to get them to prioritise your needs and career drive. Are you thinking about how to future proof your career? Do you know where you want to be in 2 years? 10 years? 15 years? Have you and do you want to progress? Essentially- is this the career you want for the rest of your life, and if so, are you in the job you want? What do you need to change to get there? How do you see yourself growing and developing, and what changes do you need to make? Do you know what type of personality to you are, and what type of person would be the best ‘fit’ for you to work with?  If you haven’t got the right ‘fit’ at the moment, then how are you going to get here?  If you are in a good place, then what can be improved?

How are you going to learn from your boss? What can they teach you?  How can you use it? How are you going to make your role work for you, particularly when you have a boss who is so busy they always cancel your one to one meetings? How is it the last person who gets any time with them is always you ?  How do you change your career from being ‘passive’  to being dynamic and driven?

How do you get the time to focus on you, and more importantly, what is there to focus on?  My talk at the CHS 2018 will address how to make your role work for you, how to get the recognition you need, how to set expectations, how to survive the difficult moments, how to have your own life, and how to get the most out of your job for the future. Managing your Executive isn’t just about handling their inbox, it’s how you manage your career.

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