The data you gather from event sign-ups has a magical quality to it. The last thing you need is for that data to disappear in a puff of smoke.

There’s no question that there are many third-party event management sites providing easy and convenient ticketing solutions when you’re organising events. But send your list of attendees an email telling them about an upcoming workshop, a new product, or even just directing them to your latest blog and you could find yourself in the kind of hot water that conjures up a hefty fine, leaving you out of pocket and out of data.

That’s because, often it’s the third-party supplier that owns that data. Not you.

The data you collect is one of the most valuable marketing assets you have. You need to be the one in control of it.


When you use Merlinsoft’s new platform, Sitebuilder 2, you own the data you collect and you can continue to build your mailing lists without fear of breaching data laws and incurring fines.

  • You can continue to contact those customers and use that data for future marketing opportunities, including sending them info about future events.
  • You can collect information on everything from location and physical characteristics to medical conditions and allergies.
  • You can send them your newsletter, tell them about your blog and let them know about related products and services.
  • You can save time by automating and customising sending vital paperwork such as terms and conditions, waiver notices and memberships.
  • You can be the one in total control of the design and presentation of your event ticketing, ensuring total brand consistency across even the tiniest details.

No other system gives you the flexibility and customisation of Merlinsoft’s Sitebuilder 2. Using it as your event ticketing solution means it’s the fear, not the data, that disappears in a puff of smoke!

Open Sesame…

One of the most innovative features of Merlin’s Sitebuilder 2 is its location — your website.

Rather than taking the customer away from your site to a third party, the software integrates directly into your own website, retaining the customer within your estate for longer and enabling you to open the door to your social media and marketing sign-up opportunities.

And, as if by magic, it also handily links in directly with your Mailchimp account!

Mobile-first design is now industry standard yet many event organisations still create sites and software designed primarily for laptop, leading to a clunky and inelegant user experience. Merlinsoft’s Sitebuilder 2 brings ease of use and elegance to the booking process by accounting for all devices, ensuring a positive experience for customers right from the start.

It’s the latest advance from a company that already enjoys a reputation for reliable, efficient and innovative technology across the event-management world, where it has operated now since 1995.

  • No other software puts you in total control of all design and presentation
  • No other system offers the flexibility and customisation of Merlin’s Sitebuilder 2, for any type or size of event – including seating allocation
  • No other platform becomes an indispensable tool that takes your events to the next level, at no cost to you

It’s often said that we can’t know what the future holds. However, when it comes to sell-out events, it seems destined that industry wizards Merlinsoft will be charming event organisers from all corners of the kingdom for years to come.

The magic of segmentation starts with Merlinsoft!

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