Our CEO & Founder, Emma Cartmell has launched a new podcast; Love Life Live Well. The podcast, branded ‘a lifestyle magazine for your ears’, is aimed at those interested in wellbeing, health, and positive lifestyles, and went live in February.

The first season has already gained unprecedented traction, reaching number 21 in the UK Leisure charts* within two days, and became one of the top 5% of podcasts, globally, within the first week.

In its first season Emma, who presents the show, interviews experts ranging from Journaling to Leadership, Grief to Habit Stacking, all with the aim of giving new perspectives on living well. In the final episode of Season 1, the tables are turned, and Emma is interviewed about her love of solo travel.

“We talk a lot at CHS about being a ‘human company’, valuing honest and open relationships with everyone around us, including ourselves as a team. This is a passion project that underlines this ethos. It’s something I wanted to do from a leadership point of view, not just for people in our industry, but much, much wider.”

Emma Cartmell, CEO of CHS Events.


The series was put together in partnership with APC (A Podcast Company) a premier digital media company that focuses on producing high quality narrative podcasts. APC podcasts have won multiple awards for their shows and are downloaded millions of times per month by listeners all over the world. The business has been instrumental in production, planning, strategy, and distribution of the podcast. While the first series drops across February and March, a second season is already in development for launch in May.

“I’ve lived my whole career in events so it’s impossible for the series to not be seen through the prism of events people. But it’s aimed at a wider demographic and we’ve worked really hard to target anyone around the world with an interest in health and wellbeing,” continued Emma. “The performance in our first week was incredible, really scary and humbling, and I’ve no doubt that a lot came from the event industry, but its popularity has spread all around the world into North America, Europe, and Asia Pac.”

Love Life, Live Well can be downloaded from Apple Podcasts and all other streaming platforms CLICK HERE

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