In this episode of “Love Life, Live Well,” host Emma Cartmel interviews Laura Morgan, a purposeful entrepreneur and wellness advocate, about her journey to success and the significance of living a life filled with choice and centered on wellness. Laura shares her one-word philosophy, “choice,” which guided her through life’s challenges, leading to new experiences and endless learning. From building successful businesses to embracing the wellness industry, Laura’s passion for life shines through her desire to make a positive impact on society. She unveils the transformative power of integrating intentional breaks into her busy life and the profound effects of adopting a stop, inhale, and reset approach. The conversation explores the potential of mindfulness, habit hacking, and box breathing to enhance life’s quality and achieve success. Discover Laura’s wellness brand, Centred, offering portable mindful therapy barns and lifestyle products to support well-being and purposeful living. Learn how small lifestyle changes can lead to a more balanced and purposeful life, and embrace the significance of engaging in community and building a supportive network of buddies.

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