In this enlightening episode of “Love Life, Live Well,” host Emma Cartmel engages in candid discussions with Laura Capel-Abra from No More Ifs or Buts, diving deep into the prevalent issue of imposter syndrome. With personal anecdotes and expert insights, they explore the various dimensions of imposter syndrome and how it holds individuals back. Laura, a seasoned coach, identifies five distinct imposter types and provides actionable strategies to conquer self-doubt. Listeners gain valuable advice on shifting mindsets, challenging limiting beliefs, and taking confident steps towards their goals. Whether it’s reframing language, understanding emotional literacy, or seeking support, this episode empowers listeners to break free from imposter feelings and embrace their full potential.

Standout Quote: “When we can see imposter syndrome, that feeling of I don’t quite belong here or I’m not quite skilled enough or I’m not quite whatever it might be for that scenario, if we can identify it as a feeling, it’s got more of a chance of coming and going rather than it being a label.”

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