In this episode of “Love Life, Live Well,” host Emma Cartmel delves into the intriguing world of financial empowerment with guest Dr. Joanna Martin, founder of the One of Many community. Dr. Martin’s unique approach challenges conventional thinking about wealth, making listeners reevaluate their relationship with money. She discusses the five core pillars of wealth and the mindset needed to foster each pillar. As a fierce advocate for women’s potential, Dr. Martin shares insights on personal paradigms and the power of financial agency. Joanna discusses the stages of wealth and their relation to our money mindset. She breaks down stability, security, independence, and affluence, highlighting key mindset shifts needed to move from one stage to the next. The conversation delves into misconceptions around money, cultural conditioning, and the importance of financial education for women. Joanna emphasises aligning finances with values to create positive impact.


Standout Quote: “We can shape the world if we get good at this stuff… This is our ticket to actually shaping the world in a way which is aligned with our values.”

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