Industry recruitment expert Robert Kenward will be at CHS Leeds to deliver a keynote session which will enable and equip eventprofs to tackle their individual recruitment challenges. Here, he describes how his hand on workshop session will empower and equip delegates to solve their own recruitment challenges:

No-one really enjoys recruitment (ok, I do…) because for most people it is a ‘side of the desk’ job – one done in tandem to the official day job. Everyone complains that recruitment is a nightmare, and a part of their job that has so many negative connotations. If this is how you feel, then please come to my session at CHS Leeds and come armed.

The keynote I’ll be delivering at CHS will be more like a workshop, created specifically to help you to solve your recruitment problems. 90% of you will have the same recruitment challenges; so I am going to gather you all together, encourage you to be honest and share the challenges that impact on you and your company and together we will solve them and give you real, tangible solutions. 

This is our opportunity to take a deep dive into those challenges, to workshop them, discuss ideas and to create results. Every person who attends will gain the tools and insights they need, they will be able to take these answers back to their offices and implement real life, actionable solutions

Don’t wait until the next time you need to recruit (and there will be a next time…), be prepared and create a strategy so that you aren’t facing recruitment as a last-minute problem. Why wait until recruitment is a massive drama? Recruitment doesn’t have to be as stressful as people make out if you just take a little time to prepare and build a strategy before you have to recruit. 

I’ll be lifting the lid and giving away some of my recruitment secrets during the session, and then I’ll be following up and making myself available to everyone for a free 30-minute recruitment consultation to see how things went when you got back to the office and put everything into practice. 

Everyone moans about recruitment – this is your opportunity to bring your challenges to a group of your peers, to work together (with a recruitment expert) and to solve them. It’s time to stop moaning and to take action – and I’m really looking forward to rolling my sleeves up and wading in to help as many people as I can. 

See you on the 25th April! 

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