Whilst I do appreciate the Brexit argument, it just isn’t compelling enough for me – and the fact that no-one can accurately predict what would happen if we left the EU is an issue for me and the multitude of SMEs in our industry.

Nick de Bois may say that we have to look to the future and grasp the bigger picture, but many SMEs can’t afford such a luxury;  the only certain thing is the uncertainty that would follow in the years after the exit, and a couple of years of uncertainty could potentially damage small businesses beyond repair.

I don’t have the figures but I’m pretty sure that the events industry has more than its fair share of entrepreneurs, one man bands and SMEs. I’m an entrepreneur and an advocate of supporting small businesses; it is widely said that if every small business in the UK took on just one extra staff member, then it would remove unemployment. So let’s not forget the SMEs in this argument – if the UK does leave the EU then they may not be around long enough to reap the alleged benefits.

But that said, entrepreneurs are always adaptable and looking for opportunities so I’m sure we will make the most of the situation if we do ultimately leave the EU.

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