The Covid-19 pandemic has set everyone challenges across the world, from a business perspective nowhere more so than in the Events Industry.

People and businesses so used to only doing ‘live’ events suddenly had to look at offering solutions in the virtual world.

So many zoom meetings, exciting new virtual platforms and streamed productions began appearing from our very innovative industry. One such new venture, designed, devised and launched during the first lockdown is KES ONLINE – A Bespoke Virtual Events Platform, the brainchild of Faye Alexander & her husband Jonathan.

In mid-2020 Faye was approached by a client asking her to assist with some event management tasks on a multi-site location basis for a live training course to be held during late 2020 and early 2021 for her end user client, the National Police Chief’s Council: National Cyber Crime Programme.

As Faye was in the midst of delivering some large virtual solutions for other clients via her KES ONLINE platform, she called in another industry friend with whom she’d worked before, Ken Findlay of Perceptions Associates.

Findlay commented: “General event management tasks, especially dealing with a range of national properties are not as straightforward as you might think during a pandemic lockdown, but all was achieved.”

With the ever-changing covid landscape and varying daily reports….the client asked if they could have a hybrid option as well!

Faye & Ken quickly realised that using their joint expertise, they could produce something really amazing.

KES ONLINE had recently partnered with the UK based, full spec TV and Recording studio with edit and streaming facilities in house. So, the team felt they could confidently offer a ‘ live production’ element in the studio, pre-record everything to then later ‘live stream’ via the virtual platform and then finalise everything with a curtailer programme of live training and face to face interviews in the original venues for the elements that had to have practical elements included.

All of this, however, needed to be planned and executed under a UK Lockdown.

Findlay and Alexander pulled the project together, prepared a reduced budget and presented it to the client. The client loved the idea and approved it straight away.

So, work started promptly on the ‘live’ production using the experience of all the personnel involved. An experienced ‘live’ director was brought in and all of this happening whilst a bespoke and all-encompassing multi-room platform was being built using KES ONLINE. This entailed a ‘learning classroom, a resource centre, a coffee networking lounge, and much more

The project then developed into reality!

– In early February 2021, the ‘live’ production was recorded

– In mid-February, the bespoke virtual platform was finalised

– In late February the ‘live stream’ to over 200 police officers took place over the course of 4 days

– In early March, the live training and face to face interviews took place

– By mid-March, the project completed

Findlay commented: “From an initial slightly difficult brief, this project developed into a great multi-functional event where, during the lockdown, we were able to deliver what the client wanted, reduce their costs and offer them a novel and successful event solution”

Alexander added: “I am so pleased with how this has all come together and that under the banner of KES ONLINE, multi agencies and providers have shown to my client how to deliver an exceptional event and that event professionals will always rise to the challenge!

The client also commented “I have been blown away by the dedication and personal care we received by the KES ONLINE team. We didn’t know what we wanted or needed but because of their expertise and ability to know what we were trying to achieve we delivered an outstanding product at a competitive price. I look forward to developing our relationship further and would heartily recommend them.

The team are looking forward to offering the high spec studio, editing facility, streaming function and their knowledge of delivering the perfect Hybrid event out to clients in the future.

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