The Conference & Hospitality Show (CHS18) is just around the corner now and we are so excited for its arrival.

It’s our biggest event of the year for event planners, agents, venue finders and PAs/EAs taking place at First Direct Arena in Leeds on the 24th of April, 2018.

There will be 200+ exhibitors joining us on the day, ranging from hotels, venues, and event suppliers. We will have everyone and everything you need to fill up your little black book and impress your boss & clients all in one jam-packed day.

In this spotlight blog, we were joined by Stephanie Betts from The Hoxton who will be exhibiting all they have to offer at CHS18.

Read on for our interview with Stephanie and get an exciting sneak preview on what you can expect at CHS18. 

Stephanie Betts

1. Can you tell us a little about The Hoxton?

First opened in 2006, the first Hoxton originated in Shoreditch. Since then we have opened 3 more properties in London and Europe. We really liked to bring the outside into the hotel. We really base ourselves around our neighbourhood and we have now four uprooting hotels and we find our discovery in key neighbourhoods around the world. Each hotel is very unique and inspired by the neighbourhood and the building that it’s located in and you can see that sense in all of our hotels.

2. Why have you decided to exhibit at CHS18?

It’s a great event. We exhibited for the first time last year. It just brings a lot of people together under one roof that may not be able to ever meet each other in person and make connections that you might not otherwise be able to make. Last year we connected with so many new companies and places and we thought that when this year came around it was something that we definitely want to participate in. We really love to shout about The Hoxton and we love to reach out to a lot of people up in the North and Leeds and people we might not get to see on a daily basis.

3. Why should our attendees visit your stand at CHS18? Is there anything extra exciting going on that will draw buyers in?

Yes, certainly. This year in 2018 we’ll be opening up three new properties all based in North America. Our first being in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We’re following that with Portland, Oregon. Our third hotel this year will be in LA. So we have a lot to shout about this year. We’ve just opened up Paris in July of last year with a big success. And in 2 years time we’re going to have two new hotels in London. In 2019, we’re opening in Southwark – which is a really great area, a lot going on. And in 2020 we’re opening in Shepherd’s Bush which is again another great area so we have a lot going on that we really can’t wait to tell people about.

4. What is one fact event professionals should know about The Hoxton?

Our rates are from £99 so it’s quite competitive in the market based on the time of year of course. Everything we do is in house from building acquisition, design, graphics, all marketing, all the operations and it’s making for a well-oiled machine. So we have our head office in central London and any given day I can be sitting next to either the owner or the person who just bought our newest property or the person who’s putting out our next campaign. So it’s really quite exciting that everything’s sort of done all together under The Hoxton name so you don’t really have many different companies coming in doing very different items for us so it makes us quite unique in that way.


If you would like to be dazzled by The Hoxton’s stand and our massive list of top-quality exhibitors, then you best get yourself to CHS18 on the 24th of April! 

Best of all? Tickets are complimentary. That’s right – you don’t have to pay a single penny to get in on all of the exciting action. It’s a good idea to register ASAP so you don’t miss out. 

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