Sweet surprises for the team at Edgbaston Park Hotel during this year’s International Week of Happiness at Work

In September, Edgbaston Park Hotel took great pride in celebrating workplace happiness! Our senior management team went above and beyond to ensure the recognitions were nothing less than exceptional, treating our fantastic team to delightful, sweet treats throughout the week. 

Monday – Biscuit Bliss 

The week kicked off with a delicious surprise on Monday, as Director of Operations, Julie, surprised the team with freshly baked biscuits. It was the perfect start to a week filled with happiness. 

Tuesday – A Fresh Start 

Tuesday brought a healthy twist to the celebrations. Director of Commercial, Billy, treated the team to an array of fresh fruits and refreshing summer berry smoothies. These tasty treats left the team feeling energised and ready to tackle their tasks with enthusiasm.

Wednesday – Warmth in a Cup

Mid-week blues? Not at Edgbaston Park Hotel! On Wednesday, CEO, Richard, greeted the team with a warm and cozy hot drinks station. Coffee lovers enjoyed a cup of coffee, tea enthusiasts enjoyed a cup of English Breakfast tea, and those with a sweet tooth indulged with a hot chocolate topped with marshmallows – adding an extra layer of excitement and sweetness to the day.

Thursday – Doughnut Delight

As the week rolled on, Thursday brought another delightful surprise… doughnuts, strawberries, chocolate, and sweets! The team’s spirits soared when Richard, with a beaming smile, served these sweet treats. 

Friday – Community and Compassion

Friday’s event was the icing on the cake. The Volunteering Committee at Edgbaston Park Hotel hosted a Macmillan Coffee Morning. It was a heartwarming event that not only celebrated delicious coffee and cakes, but also supported a great cause. The team came together, donated sweet treats, and raised funds for Macmillan Cancer.

International Week of Happiness at Work at Edgbaston Park Hotel was truly a week to remember. It reinforces that happiness isn’t just about the work we do, but also the people we work with and the thoughtful gestures that can make a big difference.

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