Venues of Excellence views membership as being a part of one big supportive family, so when our Preferred Partner Paddy and Scott’s discussed the sponsorship of a primary school in Kenya, it seemed a natural partnership and one that continues to grow.

We all love our coffee…right, but when do we stop to think of the coffee farms, the workers, and their families as we prepare our americano, latte or cappuccino?  Coffee producers Paddy and Scott’s have made a commitment in Kenya to support the families of their coffee farmworkers, and Venues of Excellence, in turn, have donated a further £2K to support the school that the children attend. The money funds new school facilities, such as the new science laboratory that were completed recently.

Jon Reed, Managing Director of Paddy and Scott’s will be visiting the school in 2022, and the Venues of Excellence family are sourcing other ways to support the school through the donation of pens, paper, and other stationery for the young scholars.

Mandy Jennings, CEO, Venues of Excellence on this most recent donation commented: “As a dedicated coffee lover myself and someone who loves supporting and helping educate our younger generations, it’s a delight to have this unique partnership with Paddy and Scott’s who supply coffee to a number of our member venues.  As we begin our second year of partnership, it is great to hear of the benefits to the school and how we can continue to support them. We look forward to hearing all the latest news about the school after Jon’s visit to Kenya next year.”

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