The Trustmarque Group chose the Vox as the venue where it would unveil its new, invigorated brand.

Citing the need for a versatile space which could truly showcase its fresh new identity, the two-day event comprised of a conference, exhibition gala dinner and awards ceremony,

“We were launching a new brand, so having an impressive space and one that fit that vibe was really important”, said Katherine Murphy, Head of Marketing, Brand and Communications at Trustmarque Group.

“We wanted to create an environment for inspiration, collaboration and networking. We hoped that what we were delivering would be inspirational and celebratory and we wanted the venue to reflect that.”

The client was hosting an internal event, its first company get together since COVID-19, and after initially visiting the Vox in February they realised quickly it was the venue of choice. Three months and a lot of hard work later, the event was delivered.

Katherine continued: “When we first found the Vox, we saw it was close to a great selection of hotels and we saw the potential for the space. Our ideas actually changed on the back of our visit after we realised what the venue capabilities were. From a stage, production team, lights – it let our creativity open up when we moved forward with the Vox.

“With an amazing venue and an on-site team, the Vox is set up to be able to help us with all elements of the event and because of this we were able to deliver a visually impressive event. Being able to transform the venue was key and the on-site production team was important too.

“They were able to pick-up where we weren’t quite sure of ourselves to deliver a great event. There were a lot of unknowns but the team on the day was super supportive. The AV team especially were fantastic – from lighting to mics, they were really friendly and supportive.”

The two-day event had a conference, evening gala and awards ceremony for 600 delegates on day one – and an exhibition with around 30 exhibitors and 250 delegates on day two.

On the versatility of the event space, Katherine said: “Being able to divide the room up was amazing. The fact that we went from all rooms open with a gala dinner in the evening until around 1am, for it then to be completely turned around for an exhibition at 8am was remarkable.

“It still felt like a new room even thought it was a room we’d be in all day.

“The versatility of the venue was its biggest asset for us. It meant we could keep everything in that venue, but it served so many purposes. We could switch it up and make the event flow how we wanted to. And the drinks reception space is stunning, with the floor to ceiling windows – everyone was impressed.”

Partners and staff also commented on the high-quality catering options. “The lunches were fantastic”, said Katherine, “our visitors were really impressed. After a long session to have tasty food presented in a nice way was a big bonus.

“It was really nice that we didn’t have to worry about catering. Mark who heads up the in-house catering team at Amadeus answered all our questions and helped us to get the most out of our budget.”

Fiona Harrison, Senior Account Manager at the Vox, said: “We were thrilled to host Trustmarque Group, in what was an exciting demonstration of how space at the Vox can be used to its fullest.

“From a large conference to a glitzy awards dinner, followed up on a second day with an informative exhibition, they showed how the venue can be transformed to deliver a first-class event. We’re delighted to hear that feedback has been great from the event, with our teams priding themselves on delivering standout events at our state-of-the-art venue.” If you would like to find out more about hosting your event at the Vox, please email Fiona on [email protected]

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