The Independent Venue Roadshow (IVR) provides independently owned hotels and venues with the opportunity to meet with pre-qualified event buyers from across the UK with a guaranteed number of appointments across a 12month programme.

Sales Managers’ time is best spent in front of potential customers, generating revenue for their hotel or venue.  IVR is a year long programme that eliminates the time and effort required to generate appointments with buyers that are often difficult to reach.

Don’t take our word for it…hear directly from one of our independent venues who have already benefited from the IVR Programme.

This will be the second year we have signed up to CHS’s Independent Venue Roadshow. I was first drawn to the IVR’s by the great concept, where else do you have the opportunity to meet with approximately 15 buyers on a one to one basis, in one evening event.  Once on the IVR programme you have a number of different events throughout the UK and the year meeting new event buyers at each event. I found the IVR’s particularly invaluable as the buyers are carefully selected and have a specific interest in independent venues like ours. The networking dinner which follows the one to one appointments is also a great way to build a relationship with the contacts you have made in a less formal way.
I feel our partnership with CHS has been incredibly positive and has considerably helped us raise the profile of the hotel with booking agents and some large corporations. As a result we have definitely started to build some prosperous, long term relationships with people we had struggled to make ourselves known to in the past.
To find out more about the benefits of joining the IVR Programme, please contact Lynda Clayton-Hill for further details.

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